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As part of the MBA program, I visited two events one was the Apple Event 2023 and Fintech Global Trend. On average apple organize 3 to 4 events in a year to keep their customer aware of the upcoming products that they are going to launch and to create hype among the customers with their creative and innovative product strategy. Similarly, on the other hand,

the Fintech Global event was talking about introducing blockchain in the field of banking and finance. In this Apple event, they focus on the Apple Watch and iPhones and Mac books with their introduction and creativity in it. In upcoming events, they have introduced new 14-inch and 16-inch Macbook Pro models with the introduction of new M2 chips. Apple in this event was going to introduce AR/VR headsets for their customers (Laurens 2022).

In Fintech Global trends, there were approx. 8000 plus business visitors, 500 plus Delegates, with 35 plus Sessions with discussion on different issues that society is facing nowadays. There was the introduction of Artificial intelligence powered by banking and finance, Financial Analytics, and payments made through the Internet. New emerging Financial institutions are providing financial services in such a way that are paving the way for the welfare of the customers.

Analysis of Event

Apple Event

Worldwide Developers Conference introduced new products of Apple brands like iOS 17, iPads 17, watchOS 10, tvOS and macOS 14. Worldwide Developers Conference was majorly focused on the introduction of new software and also the introduction of Augmented Reality and Virtual reality which involves the use of Artificial intelligence with Creativity in the product and services.

The new AR/VR headset that the company is planning to launch in this upcoming event is costing approx. $3000. This headset is featured with OLED 4K display which will enhance customer experience in real life and will act as a competitive advantage against the competitors. This product comes with a new security feature of facial recognition and iris scanning with a new operating system on which this product will run (Stowe 2021).

Fintech Global Trend Event

At this event, an introduction and discussion about blockchain were done. As the introduction of Artificial intelligence has transformed financial technologies in such a way that it is making customer ease. Every transaction that is taking place is protected because of the introduction of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency on the other hand is making use of blockchain which is protecting the data of each transaction and event.

The introduction of a metaverse is considered an advanced version of the internet as experiencing everything virtually as in a virtual universe. It may be difficult to understand but this technology is going to bring revolution in financial sectors and some of the financial institutions are already starting to understand the concept of metaverse.


Apple Event

Apple planned to introduce Augmented reality and virtual reality together to enhance customer experience. This product will bring innovation to existing markets or might create new markets. With such innovative and creative products, the company proves that they have a better understanding of customers.

Apple is also going to launch the Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro with new models which will be a lot more different from its past products present in the market. There are also going to update their watch series 9. These new iPhones will be working on A17 chips which will enhance their speed and battery performance which is going to play an important part as battery performance is considered a major hurdle in products.

Product design has always been a primary objective for Apple brands. Their products are designed in such a manner that can meet modern world objectives plus their software which works on operating systems acts as a powerful driver for user experience.

Fintech Global Trend Event

In this event, Insurtech and Regtech are achieving a great popularity in the eyes of customers. Additionally, ideas like Buy Now and Pay Later are going to make their way into the minds of customers and this will have some advantages and disadvantages. The financial sector is going to get revolutionalized with the introduction of Salary on demand, Advance Salary etc.

Web 3.0 and Industry 5.0 with the introduction of artificial intelligence and metaverse are going to transform business and are going to create a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs which would create a lot of job opportunities in countries leading to an improved GDP of the countries (Contu 2021).

Entrepreneurs face a great problem when it comes to capital arrangements for their startups and to start a business they require a lot of money due to which they are left with their creative ideas only. Thus arranging finance from different institutions is a difficult task but with the introduction of metaverse and new fintech like Regtech and Insurtech, this is going to turn into an easy task.



Innovation and creativity both are followed by Apple events and Fintech Global Trend events. With increased innovation and creativity entrepreneurs can bring new products and services with critical thinking.

The customer experience is enhanced by these events that are done by companies and institutions like Apple company and Fintech Global Trends. Apple in its ways makes sure that the products that they are making are user-friendly and attractive at first look when they are designed. Similarly on the other hand the Fintech companies are also trying to be user-friendly and are trying to build a experience which will hold a positive attitude in the minds of customers while getting access to financial services.

Apple and Fintech corporates both challenge established industries in their own creative and innovative ways. Apple has challenged the market with the introduction of iTunes for kinds of music and the introduction of iPhones for smartphones and both were potential products which were not easy to copy especially their operating system software. New emerging Financial institutions are providing financial services in such a way that are paving the way for the welfare of the customers.

Both events hold global customers as if talking about Apple they sell their product worldwide, while on the other hand, fintech companies also provide services to all over the world.


Apple event mainly focuses on introducing the new products and services that they can offer to their customers while on the other hand fintech trend event is based on technical improvements which is based on supplying financial services.

Apple event is based on providing services in the field of electronic industries while on the other hand fintech Global trend event is based on providing financial services industries.

The target customers of Apple company that they target during their event are customers of Apple products such as iPhones, iTunes, MacBook, etc. while on the other hand fintech Global trend has targeted customer who needs help in performing financial services.

Apple event focuses on innovation in the field of electronic products i.e. in their smartphones, MacBook etc. while the fintech global trend event focuses on innovations in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrency, financial services, etc.


Both events have held their events for introducing their products and services into the existing markets. Learning that we can have from these events can be that with proper innovation and creativity, their products and markets can only allow you to remain in the market and also in the competition. Nowadays companies are making substitute or similar products which in some manner leading to losing their customers. Entrepreneurs must have these mindsets which cover innovation, creativity and hard work to remain in the market. Entrepreneurs face many problems like capital arrangements, the Location of the products where they want to supply, recruiting skilled employees and collaborating with a good team to learn more.

Apple launched many products like the iPhone, iTunes, and MacBook of different generations and also striving to bring new products which include both Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality. While Fintech Global trends were having discussions regarding blockchain, financial services, metaverse, and financial services that they can provide to their customers and society at large. The new emerging concept which is going to bring inovation in the market and among the customers is Buy Now and Pay Later which will be beneficial to the small-scale businessman in performing their operations as most of the business works on a credit basis and after earning profits they give their payment back.


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