Principles of Marketing Individual Assignment



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Topics of interest or any topic related to one of the Principles of Marketing concepts that we discussed inside the class or any new topic such as

  • How digital marketing influence consumer experience and knowledge.
  • What Social marketing means and how it influences consumer attitude and intention.
  • How relationship marketing enhances brand knowledge, brand experience and brand image.
  • The influence of customer relationship on customer engagement and customer lifetime value
  • The effect of digital supply chain on customer online buying and online buying experience and repeat buying.
  • How sustainable marketing influence green consumer buying, attitude, and intention.
  • How value delivery network affect organization positioning and partners relationships.
  • The influence of communication effectiveness on having an organization competitive advantage.
  • How package and packaging influence customer motivation, attention, and intention to buy.
  • What is label means and why label is important and how it influences customer motivation, attention, and intention to buy.
  • What internal marketing means and how it enhances employees’ moods and emotions and retention.
  • What Interactive marketing means and how it enhances customers’ moods and emotions and retention.
  • How customer communication enhances customers’ satisfaction, emotion and mood.
  • How Rational appeals, Emotional appeals and Moral appeals influence customer intention, attention and response.
  • Buzz marketing influence customer intention, attention and response.
  • Customer feedback enhance organization performance and position.
  • . How competitive advantage enhance business operations and survival.
  • How customer value proposition influence business performance on organization profit and success.
  • The influence of business performance on organization profit and success.
  • The influence of business performance on organization operations and value delivering.
  • How sustainable competitive advantage enhance business performance and survival.
  • How research and development (R&D) influence organizational operations and value delivering
  • How committing to corporate social responsibility and sustainability enhance customer relations.
  • How research and development (R&D) enhance employee knowledge and customer knowledge.
  • How evaluating and analyzing the firm’s external environment and the firm’s internal situation influence organizational operation and performance.
  • How focused organization enhance value delivering and customer engagements.
  • How focused organization flexibility enhance value delivering and sustainability.
  • How employees and customers communicate influence firms’ sustainability
  • How digital supply chain influences value delivery network
  • How sustainable marketing can influence organization sustainability and survival.
  • How green Human Resources (HR) influence employees retention and organization sustainability
  • How company’s values, beliefs, traits, and behavioral norms influence its performance.
  • How analyzing political factors, economic conditions, sociocultural forces influence organizational performance.
  • Can communication influence customer motivation, sales and retention? 
  • How analyzing technological factors, environmental factors, and legal/regulatory conditions influence organizational performance.
  • How bargaining power of buyers and bargaining power of suppliers forces influence organizational performance
  • How the threat of new entrants into the market and rivalry among competing sellers influence having a competitive advantage.
  • How organization cost and resource influence organizational operation and performance.
  • How tariffs and international trade restrictions influence organizational operation and performance.
  • Discuss how the stronger the forces of competition, the harder it becomes for industry members to earn attractive customers and profits.
  • Discuss how increasing globalization and product innovation presser influence organizational performance and profitability
  • How interactive marketing enhances marketing innovation and product innovation.
  • Discuss how organization experience enhance customers’ moods, emotions and satisfaction.
  • Discuss how organization experience enhance employees’ knowledge management and customers’ knowledge management.
  • How firm’s financial strength and profitability enhance customer buying and retention.
  • How the improvement in internal processes such as defect rate, order fulfillment, delivery times, days of inventory, and employee productivity enhance organization performance.
  • How physical resources, financial resources, organizational resources and technological resources influence organizational performance.
  • How strong brand name image and company reputation influence organizational sales and profit.
  • How good customer service capabilities and product innovation capabilities enhance organizational performance and profitability.
  • How customers’ feedbacks enhance management capability, core competencies and survival.
  • How benchmarking influence customer value proposition and price competition.

What is needed? Writing a short discussion about this concept Summarizing the previous literature and supporting your arguments theoretically


Students are expected to do their own work. You are allowed to work on assignments in teams only if specified by the instructor. In other words, students are encouraged to communicate about general principles of the course, but all assigned homework must be done on an individual basis. The instructor is available to provide any assistance that you may need. Cheating is considered a serious offense by the university. You should be aware of the severe penalty for cheating (refer to the student code of conduct published in the university catalogue). 

Group Project and Presentation

The purpose of this project is to deepen your understanding of the main concepts learned during the course and to give you the opportunity to apply them in your own marketing plan.


Individual assignment

Useful hints

  • Your report must have a front cover page with the following information: 
  • Course title and course code
  • Title of the project 
  • Name and ID 
  • Date of submission
  • Name of your professor
  • Insert a table of contents.
  • Insert page numbers in your report; the front cover page has no page number.
  • Use headings to organize your text.
  • Don’t forget to write a Summary of the project.
  • Don’t forget to write an introduction of the project.
  • In terms of appearance, your objective is a business report that is up to the best business standards. Good English grammar and spelling count so edit carefully. Marks will reflect this. 
  • Whenever you copy information from an outside source, you must use quotation mark and provide the source, otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism. 
  • Do not forget the conclusion and references.


You must reference any material you obtained from any book, website or journals. You must list the reference sources in the way shown in the referencing guide below. If you borrow phrases, graphs, table… from the textbook, you must reference these.


In-text citation 

When you summarise the main ideas from someone else in your own words, you are also expected to clearly acknowledge that someone else first wrote about the ideas you have summarised. Giving proper references shows that you have read the appropriate literature and are well informed (Devlin 2004, p. 23). 

“A recommended solution to the problems that students experience is for THEM TO CHECK on how referencing is done in Books, Journal Articles …etc.” (Landau, Druen & Arcuri 2002, p. 113).

The reference list is designed to provide information to enable each source that you have cited in text to be identified. The list should appear at the end of a work, under the heading 'References'. The references should be listed alphabetically by the surname of the first author/editor or by the title if no author/editor is given.

Use the APA style as in the following examples

Haj Salem, N. & Chebat J.C. (2014). The Double-Edged Sword: The Positive and Negative effects of Switching Costs on Customer Exit and Revenge. Journal of Business Research, 67(6): 1106-1113. 

Haj Salem, N., Chebat, J.C., Michon, R. & Oliveira, S. (2016). Why Male and Female Shoppers don’t See Mall Equity Through the Same Lens: The Mediating Role of Self-Congruity. Journal of Business Research, 69(3), 1219-1227.

Your report presentation will be assessed based on the following criteria:


Can you hear clearly throughout?


Is the pace of the speech, or flow of ideas, too fast or too slow?


Is the speech pattern fluent? Indicating familiarity with the material and rehearsal of delivery?

Tone and Energy 

Is there sufficient variation in tone? Does the presenter seem enthusiastic?

Eye Contact

 Is the presenter making eye contact across the audience and avoiding becoming note-bound?

Body Language and Gesture

 Is the presenter’s posture upright and confident? Does their movement and gesture enhance, not distract from, what they are saying?

Appropriateness to the Audience 

Is the content and approach? Relevant, interesting and engaging?

Structure and Cohesion

Was the structure clearly outlined? Is the order logical and easy to follow? Is it signposted throughout? Is the balance of various elements effective? Is timing accurate?

Use of Visual Aids

Is there a suitable amount? Are they easy to read? Do they effectively support the oral delivery? Does the presenter use them competently?