We recognise user privacy concerns when using our services. Our company has a privacy policy to protect your personal data:
  • Simply provide your email and phone number in the contact information, which our company keeps confidential. The information above is not disclosed to any external entities.
  • The contact information provided by you will be only utilised for the purpose of communicating with you regarding the orders that you have placed with our organisation. These are not utilised for any alternative objectives.
  • The personal information of users and experts is not shared between parties. Our primary objective is to protect the confidentiality of both clients and specialists. For the goal of resolving any questions pertaining to an order, we are able to promote dialogue between clients and professionals. However, it is against our policy to give clients access to our specialists' contact details.
  • The assignment solutions given to clients are exclusively utilised for their intended purpose and are not retained on our server for a duration exceeding three months.
  • The confidentiality of customers' Debit card and Account information during transactions is ensured by our payment partners. Access to customers' debit or credit cards and account information is not obtained by us.
  • We would have to provide our payment partners with the communication details in the event that there were any claims or disagreements over the order in order to help resolve the issue. It is not a violation of privacy to access and evaluate personal information in the course of a service dispute; this is a legal practice.
  • The privacy policy undergoes periodic revisions. It is recommended to visit this webpage for any necessary updates.