The solution that will be provided by our team is already used:
  • Is an already submitted document to a university.
  • Can be used only for reference purposes.
  • Was prepared for another student based on her/his assignment’s requirement.

Therefore, if one were to acquire and provide a previously utilized solution to their professor, there is a substantial likelihood of encountering plagiarism. We cannot provide assurance on the improvement of your academic performance, and likewise, we bear no liability for any potential decline in your grades. The provided solution is exclusively sent to the student in the form of a picture. When it comes to technical assessment duties, the solution employed should be presented in a report format that does not include any code.

New Solution
  • There are no technical issues, site maintenance, or updates that delay website access. We'll make sure you can reach us via other channels.
  • Once we email the assignment order, we are not liable for computer data loss.
  • Helping with your assignment is subjective. Therefore, we are not liable for student failure. We only engage the greatest subject matter experts for your assignments.
  • We are offering revisions for free if assignment writing pros make mistakes and you obtain worse grades. Once provided, assignment solutions are regarded as the product supplied to the student, hence no refunds will be given.
  • Terms and conditions are periodically revised. We recommend updating the T&Cs.
  • Client tokens paid when ordering assignments are not refunded. Adjustments are made on the client's next assignment order.
  • Once the expert is assigned, order codes can't be cancelled. We cannot recover the money from the assigned expert because they are paid in advance. Only if the expert hasn't done the job can the amount be modified.
Order Revision Terms and Conditions
  • This policy does not apply to assignment orders pertaining to technical disciplines.
  • This policy does not apply to assignments of substantial length. The duration of the assignment is determined by Assignment Samples.
  • The modification request will not be considered if the first order is submitted with inadequate information.
  • The designated time period will commence solely upon receipt of payment by our organization.
  • It is imperative that you maintain open lines of contact during your revision period.
  • During a single revision cycle, it is only possible to consider one set of revision instructions at a time. The inclusion of additional information beyond the initial text will be considered during a subsequent revision process.
Partial Payment Guidelines
  • Partial payment is not accepted. In the event of exceptional circumstances, supplementary fees corresponding to the nature of the task will be imposed to access partial payment services.
  • The final deliverable will not be provided until full payment for the job has been received.
  • If you are requesting a refund for partial payment then it will not be considered under any circumstances. The client is responsible for remitting the outstanding balance. If the initial draft is deemed unacceptable then revisions can be made in accordance with the rules for changes.
  • If you decline to accept the delivery of the service then we shall not be held responsible for refunding any collected amount and shall be entitled to retain the remaining payment, which includes the Expert fee.
  • The process of refunds for orders that have been partially paid will be carried out in accordance with the Refund Policy.