Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects



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Section-A: Skills activity 

The XYZ organization needs to build a 5-story office building in Sydney which has all the necessary equipment and facilities is present which is essential in every office and this project belongs to medium rise building.

Section B: Knowledge Activity 


 This same Building Code of Australia (BCA), which is a member of the National Construction Code (NCC), sets the minimum standards for safety, wellness, facilities and amenities, and sustainable development inside this context of the built environment houses (as well as new construction work in existing structures) all through Australia (Benachio, et al., 2020).

Most building work should adhere to the necessities of something like the Australian Building Code (BCA). Under provisional license first, from the Australian Building Regulations Panel, this same Housing Sector Connection recreates this same Building Code of Australia Volumes 1 & 2 with something like the NCC. Volume 1 is for office properties, while Volume 2 is for apartment complexes.

Three Australian Standard in construction:

Australian Standards are established records that outline requirements and protocols followed to establish that only equipment, item, technique, as well as provider is appropriate for the data and continuously completes as anticipated.

Wire Barrier Construction Standard

such a wire barrier is a sequence of threaded wire attached with support services whether diagonally to prevent other people from having fallen from a ceiling, grand staircase, or brought up the ground floor. Wire mesh barricades are not included.

New Building standard for non-combustible external walls

Only those external wall elements should be non-combustible. Phrasing, soundproofing, and parapet head scarves including such implements and external walls are all included (Benachio, et al., 2020).

Steel Structure

This same method is used on Steel Structures and it is a procurement and builds guide besides steel structures. And it takes care of all the steel which may be used inside the project has been verified by the Australian government (Rahmani, et al., 2017).

Construction Drawing

It was a graphical representation of what is going to be constructed, how it'll be arranged out, these same elements, structure, and aspects. The building trying to draw identifying the information for each element of even a development project is available.

  1. Production Drawing

    Those same Construction Drawings have been used to communicate useful details to the technicians. It explains this same equipment, the chamber of multiple aspects, the skills required, the measurements, as well as other data requested throughout the procedure. It could provide more details or an article here about how to meet the expectations.

    Firefighting Drawing

    The importance of protective devices throughout modern building projects cannot be overstated. Firefight Drawings are portions of a structure's template illustrations that assign lines for fire extinguishers, fire exits, water channels, cinder blocks, or indeed any flame protective gear needed either by the regulatory authority responsible for managing the proposal (Nusen, et al., 2021).

Construction Specification

General Specification

General specifications include a summary of building materials and labor. Normally, this same interior designer noted those same requirements on even a sketch, that further aids throughout the estimation of building work. Those other requirements weren't included in the contract. Such configuration aid in learning the names of various components, as well as their proportions as well as amounts.

Detail Specification

Detailed specifications communicate the design specifications to either the contracting company through with a thorough description of materials. It teaches you everything you need to understand regarding building material, building projects craftsmanship, this same ratio of dissimilar metals, mixing methods, the volume of material properties, how and where to start preparing this same component as well as configure people, the multiple analytical rules to be followed, and also how the task would be quantified.

Three common Australian construction contracts are as follows

Cost-plus contract

A cost-plus contract, as well known as either a cost-plus contract, seems to be one in which a contractor is responsible across all capital allowances as well as advance amount to enable for something like a financial gain (Rahmani, et al., 2017).

Lump Sum Contract

This Contract is also known as a Fixed pricing contract and this is the most common contract used in the construction industry and sometimes it is also called a stipulated sum contract and, in this contract, a single price is provided to entire project depending upon the requirement of the plana and specification is provided to project.

Material and labor supply contract

Only those materials are prepared either by the proprietor in a labor contract, and the construction company is capable of providing labor, which includes delivering techniques and proposals, gear, closing, formworks, and so on. In contrast, in a material contract, the company submitted all materials and equipment needed for the installation. Costing of the organization has been seen by the Finance department of XYZ organization and all the work which is related to finance has been settled by this department and this department work according to the money they have gets from the organization (Nusen, et al., 2021).

Finance Department have the following Structure

There are following three levels in which we have divided this structure

1) The Manager of this Department and the Senior Manager of this Department.

2) All the Junior employees who work in that department come under this level.

3) All the administrative employees have come inside this level.

The Costing of all the departments has been selected by the finance department and according to the budget they have allocated to the department, the department needs to complete their work within the given budget (Heeren & Hellweg,2019).

In this Contracting System, the organization first hired a lawyer and the legal administrative officer who have check out all the documents which have been used in the contracting system.

First, the appropriate place has been buying and then clean properly and after that legal contract or agreement which is approved by the government has been issued and according to this the organization to start their work and during this, they have also take care of the health and safety of every stakeholder who is involved in this entire project.

Section C: Performance Activity


Two-story houses for an old couple who is living in Sydney and this house is considered all the new feature technology inside the organization.

Roles and Responsibilities: 

Each department present inside the organization provide different roles to project like

IT Department: Provide a good connection to the house without any bugs and viruses.

Electrical Department: Install the electric appliances inside the organization.

Civil Department: All the infrastructure and structure and materials have been installing by this department (Yan, et. al., 2020).

Plumbing Department: All the essential sanitary item and lines of the water has been installing by this organization. 


The entire project work has been completed in 6 months. And all departments have provided given time intervals in which they have to complete their work.

Staffing Plan 

All the personal need of the organization and all the spaces which left out has been filled up this plan and, in this plan, all the staff performed the particular work according to their skills and their understanding of the project (Heeren & Hellweg,2019).

Quality of the Project

The project content is good and appropriate material which are excellent in strength and have good durability and have a long period.


This project doesn’t contain any type of risk throughout the process and if any risk has been generated then an appropriate method has been used to remove that risk.  

Material Required for the Project and from where Material is purchased

The project contains varieties of the material and this material depends upon the department are as follows:

IT Department

Computer system, devices, and small wires, routers, and other essential thing which is related to network and voice control devices (Wang & Burdon,2021).

This material has been purchased from IT PTY. Ltd. Australia.

Electrical Department

Electric wires, cables, screwdriver, embedded system, and other essential parts also.

This material has been purchased from Electro-commo PTY. Ltd. Australia.

Civil Department

The material which related to field like cement, sand, concrete, iron rods and other essential material which is used in the construction project.

This material has been purchased from a Contracting organization.

Plumbing Department

The material which is used in this department is sanitary items like taps, toilet seats, tiles, sink, and other sanitary items (Yan, et. al., 2020).

This material has been purchased from Tap world PTY. Ltd. Australia.

Furniture Department

They have taken care of the wooden item which maybe consists of different kind of woods, PVC materials and other things which is made up of from wood.

This material has been purchased from Wood décor organization Ltd. Australia.

Other resources Cost

For taking the permission from the government it will charge $ 200 and some cost is also spent on the other standard which needs to follow or take approval from the government. Some cost is also spending on the training which we need to provide new technologies which organization has to install in this project (Wang & Burdon,2021).


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