Exploring the Customer Experience Landscape of Voot, a Leading Video Streaming Service in Developing Markets



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The customer experience plays an essential role in a company gaining recognition in the competitive market as it attracts public attention. The chosen company is Voot which provides top video streaming services, owned by Viacom18 in developing countries like India. The study will analyse the customer experience of Voot, customers’ journey, customer marketing and other factors related to customers.

Figure 1: Interface of Voot 

(Source: republicworld, 2020)

Importance of customer experience 

Customer experience is one of the crucial and potential factors for a company or brand as it portrays the perception of customers regarding the company. It involves every action and interaction with customers and it also creates a strong relationship between the company and customers. Customer experience aims to create an efficient relationship between the customer and the company. Apart from this, through the analysis of customer experience, a company can determine the requirements of customers along with the value. Pre-purchase connections, post-purchase connections process of purchasing products, process and researching products are included in it (Keiningham et al. 2020). A positive customer experience stands as an image of a company among people and the company establishes its position in the competitive market. Interaction and better services put some sort of emotion in customers thus it has become a vital part of businesses.

Figure 2: Techniques to Improve Customer Experience

(Source: revechat, 2022)

The customer experience at Voot 

Voot operates a lucrative business on the digital platform in three lines such as Voot kids, Voot advertising supporting app, and Voot Select. Apart from the advertising app, “Voot Kids” has been created for children, games, audio, and video for kids. On the other hand, Voot Select is a premium subscriber which provides international shows and movies. According to the authority of Voot, Voot has increased higher rate of customer retention and they have identified where they can add value by analysing customers’ requirements. (Malhotra et al. 2020). As optimizing customer acquisition did not work, Voot started applying AI algorithm and machine learning to understand the market trends, customer preferences and overall content demand.  

Creation of customer persona 

Consumer personas are fictional representations of typical customers that help businesses do more in-depth market research and design products that more closely satisfy consumer needs.

Demographics description

Name: Rima Agarwal

Age: 66

Married/Unmarried: Married

Sex: Female

Address: Mumbai, India


She is a professional private tutor and also take care of her family and grandsons, one of her favourite ways to relax and feel better is by watching television shows in Hindi. 

Motivating factors for using the product 

She likes to relax by watching movies and series on television. This over-the-top (OTT) service has many Hindi programs, particularly more recent ones that focus on suspense and adventure, religious shows and family dramas.

Goals to achieve by using the product 

Asur, a captivating television series that Voot offers, has completely blown my mind and she would love to watch another season. Apart from this, She also loves daily soap TV serials which are also available on Voot. 

Pinpoint the positive in the product

Great options for entertainment, privacy, and security. Excellent assistance. In addition, except for live sports, she never has to endure any annoying commercial breaks while using the service. 

Table 1: Creation of customer persona

(Source: Self-made)

Customer Journey Map 

Importance of CJM to Customer Experience 

A customer journey map is a diagram that illustrates the steps customers takes while interacting with a company, from making purchases via the Internet to calling customer care to air their complaints on social media (Bradley et al. 2021). A customer journey map is designed to identify the numerous factors affecting consumers' overall decision-making processes. It sticks out since it describes all the different stages a customer goes through while interacting with a firm making it an important factor for companies.

Figure 3: Customer Journey 

(Source: edrawsoft, 2023)

Stages of Customer Journey Map of Voot 







Consumer Action

They have gained visibility through offline marketing and Facebook and Instagram. 

The company conducted a thorough evaluation of the prices and services offered by various OTTs (Fitzgerald, 2019).

Voot has decided to utilise the brand's offerings

Impressive service and excellent after-service feedback collection process

Friends, family, and coworkers encouraged others to use the services.


Voot’s Digital ads, social media content

Facebook, and Instagram posts

Telephonic and email communications

Taking use of SEO and mobile app development technologies

Customer feedback and sales reports

Consumer experiences

Extremely curious

Passionate about innovation 


Exciting Needed Enhancements

Completely satisfying

Business Objectives

Using social media and a marketing team, raise awareness

Gaining more social media followers on various platforms

Boosting the percentage of repeat business from existing clients

Growth and enhancement of over-the-top (OTT) services (Singh, 2019)

Targeting a higher rate of client retention

Table 2: Customer journey map 

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Use of blue ocean strategy in the company

Voot has used the blue ocean approach to its advantage to establish a distinctive position in the fiercely competitive entertainment sector. According to Niemimaa et al. (2019), the blue ocean approach is carving out uncontested market space by providing cutting-edge goods or services that cater to untapped or underserved markets. Voot's blue ocean approach focused on upending the established cable TV business model by providing a whole new method to consume media content. Voot has allowed consumers the option to watch their preferred episodes and movies whenever they wanted, rather than being dependent on TV networks and set times. Voot's business strategy featured unique content as well, further setting it apart from other streaming providers (Reich and Ruipérez-Valiente, 2019). Voot was able to learn what material people were interested in by carefully examining user behaviour and then customise suggestions accordingly. Customer loyalty was increased as a result of the personalised approach's success in retaining consumers and lowering turnover. Voot has become one of the leading companies in the entertainment business because to its effective application of the blue ocean approach. 

Omnichannel Marketing for businesses

Omni-channel transactions direct the method of delivering consumers with a seamless and combined shopping occasion across considerable inlets. This is normal that buyers can interact with a label through varied tinge facts such as bodily stocks, websites, mobile apps, social media, and more. The purpose of omnichannel transactions is to withdraw obstacles between tracks and encourage buyers to reverse between them seamlessly (Hossain et al. 2020). 

Figure 4: Omnichannel Marketing 

(Source: propellant, 2021)

Role of interaction in omnichannel market to grow market and sales 

In omnichannel marketing, “customer interaction” is essential because it helps companies forge closer bonds with their clients, which eventually leads to more sales. Businesses may build a seamless customer experience that places the consumer at the heart of the journey by communicating with customers across different channels, including email, social media, phone, and in-store. The capacity to customise the consumer experience is a significant advantage of interaction in omnichannel marketing (Cui et al. 2021). Businesses may adjust their communication and offers to better fit the requirements and preferences of specific consumers by using data from numerous touchpoints. 

Use of Omnichannel marketing by Voot 

Voot is an Indian subscription-based tape-streaming forum that shows a vast preference for TV exhibits, films, and live TV tracks across varied genres and speeches. In today's digital epoch, where buyers are attending across considerable inlets, Voot has assumed an omnichannel transaction technique to correlate with its audience and deliver seamless knowledge (Sharma et al. 2020). One of the key ingredients of Voot's omnichannel dealing procedure is the use of jovial media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to attach to its audience and stimulate its range. 

Implementing Omnichannel marketing in Voot 

The omnichannel transaction is a technique that combines varied inlets to deliver buyers a seamless and consistent understanding across all touchpoints. Executing an omnichannel transaction method in Voot can be useful in immersing buyers and stimulating modifications (Kathuria et al. 2021). To tool an omnichannel transaction technique, Voot should commence by analyzing its existing canals and identifying any voids in the consumer background. They can then evolve a comprehensive agenda that contains all applicable tracks such as social media, email, SMS, mobile app, website, and even biological supplies. One of the key ingredients of omnichannel transactions is data integration. This can be fulfilled by combining customer data across all canals and employing it to produce targeted memos, derivative suggestions, and advertisements. 

Customer Experience Performance Metrics 

Lifetime Value of Customers (LTV) 

Description: Lifetime value of customers, or LTV, refers to the analysis of customer interaction and activity over time to determine the consumers' lifetime worth (Xing et al. 2021). The matrix has been separated into four quadrants depending on various consumer viewpoints, such as low-value loyalists, high-value loyalists, low-value occasional customers, and high-value occasional customers. 

Calculation: The approach used to determine the average order value or buy frequency was used to create the Lifetime Value of Customers matrix. In addition, the average revenue per user is divided by the churn rate, which is how the LTV is computed (Zhang et al. 2022). It may be said that the Lifetime value of customers calculation, which also produces the identification of customer relationships and patterns for the historical data, has provided an estimate of the future value of the consumers. 

Evaluation: After applying the Lifetime Value of Customers matrix, organisations may gain from improved segmentation and targeting, a better knowledge of their consumers, increased profitability, and the achievement of their business objectives. 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

Description: The Net Promoter Score  also known as NPS matrix, also known as a Net promoter score, is a valuable tool for organisations to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty for their services and goods among both new and current consumers (Fisher and Kordupleski, 2019). After concentrating on the types of answers from the clients based on passives, detractors, and promoters, the company's sales have been attained on a greater scale.   

Calculation: NPS has been computed by asking consumers to assess a product or service on a scale of 0 to 10. Based on their responses, the respondents were divided into three groups: passives, promoters, and detractors. By dividing the total number of respondents by each group, the percentage of respondents based on each category was then computed (Baquero, 2022). 

Evaluation: The benefits of actionable insights, standard benchmarking, simplicity and Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurement of customer loyalty to understand the customer and increase their audience engagement along with business. On the other hand, the challenges of business, inaccuracy, limited scope and lack of context may limit the business expansion and often may create unsatisfactory results in the long term [Referred to Appendix 1].   

Relevance of using both the metrics 

The Voot streaming network could use both the Lifetime value of customers (LTV) and and Net Promoter Score (NPS) matrix to track down its most devoted clients, who are often middle-class. Although, Voot has established focused marketing techniques after identifying high-value consumers using the Lifetime value of customers matrix, which helps to maximise value and keep them on their streaming platform (Keiningham et al. 2020). In contrast, the Voot streaming platform can enhance client experiences and deliver a smooth trip after identifying the regions based on user feedback by implementing Net Promoter Score as well. 

CX processes in different industries 

Success factors




Voot is a popular platform in India for online video, offering a wide selection of shows, multilingual and age-appropriate content. According to Fitzgerald, (2019), it has launched new forms such as interactive shows and short-form content, and has partnered with production companies to offer exclusive material.

Instagram is a well-known social media site that needs stringent guidelines to guarantee a secure and pleasurable experience for all users (Kumar et al. 2023). These include copyright regulations to safeguard intellectual property rights, the banning of the uploading of inflammatory information, spamming.


Voot provides users with access to a variety of content and has established guidelines and standards for proper conduct, content sharing, and copyright violations. Users can take advantage of Voot's features without worrying about breaking any rules.

Instagram may disable material that doesn't adhere to community standards by taking on the duty of moderation (Batra, 2019). By abiding by these guidelines, Instagram can continue to be a great platform for connecting with loved ones and sharing photographs while also respecting people's safety and privacy.

Organisational attitude 

Voot Video Platform is a pioneer in the online video streaming sector due to its organisational philosophy. It has established an innovative, collaborative, and continuous improvement culture that motivates staff to take initiative and be creative (Newton-Lewis et al. 2021). The platform's user-friendly interface, content library, and attentive customer service reflect this optimistic mindset.

Instagram values creativity and self-expression, prioritises user privacy and safety, and fosters a sense of community through features like hashtags and direct messaging. It promotes a positive user experience that encourages creativity, connection, and safety.

Relation with customers 

Strong client bonds have been successfully formed by the Voot Video Platform. The site provides a variety of content, including well-known TV episodes and films, to suit the varied preferences of its users. Jain, (2021), stated that the customer service team at Voot responds to user complaints quickly and effectively. Additionally, the platform interacts with users on social media, giving them updates on new releases and access to unique material. 

Instagram has revolutionised the way businesses interact with their customers by providing a powerful tool for building relationships and engaging with them on a personal level.  By creating visually appealing content, responding to comments and messages promptly, and offering exclusive promotions, businesses can foster strong relationships with their followers.


As a video platform, Voot's dependability is a huge selection of films, television programmes, and online series from many genres.  The site is a great option for entertainment aficionados due to its user-friendly layout and seamless streaming is the best option for anyone experiencing beyond dispute (Sahu et al. 2021). Strong security measures are also used by Voot to guarantee the protection and privacy of its users. 

Instagram has amassed millions of users globally and has become a very well-liked social networking site. Instagram's dependability has been questioned, though, because of how frequently its algorithm and standards are altered (Salehudin et al. 2020). Numerous individuals have complained that their accounts were unjustly suspended or cancelled without cause. Concerns regarding the veracity of engagement and followers are also raised by the presence of phoney accounts and bots on the platform. 


The system is made to operate smoothly on a variety of gadgets, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. This implies that customers can enjoy their preferred content whenever and wherever they choose, without any delays or disruptions. Voot's user-friendly interface also makes it simple for users to explore the website and locate what they're looking for right away. 

As per Silva et al. (2020), Instagram is a platform that has put in place specific rules that support individual data protection. Instagram is crucial in guarding against spam, counterfeit user account accounts, and other activity that could damage its reputation.


The platform has been a fan favourite among viewers thanks to its user-friendly UI and smooth streaming experience. Additionally, Voot's dedication to creating original material has brought it critical acclaim and contributed to the development of its standing as a trustworthy provider of high-quality entertainment. Overall, Voot's standing as a creative and reliable video streaming service only becomes better with time.


Instagram has grown to become one of the most widely used social networking sites. It has developed into a centre for exchanging photographs and videos with over 1 billion active members. According to De Perthuis and Findlay, (2019), users and businesses that utilise Instagram for marketing objectives now have less faith in the platform as a result of this. Despite this, Instagram has continued to develop with the addition of fresh features like IGTV and Reels, which have helped it stay relevant in the social media space.

Table 3: CX processes in different industries

(Source: Self-made)


It is clear from the discussion above that some variables were considered while analysing a user's experience with the Voot streaming platform. A strong connection between businesspeople and customers has been observed via analysis of customer experiences. Voot has adopted several tactics to boost client happiness. In the cutthroat market, they have also benefited greatly from utilising similar tactics. By concentrating on each client's needs and preferences, the business has advanced its efforts to improve the customer experience. This improved their customer experience while also adding a new revenue stream and bringing in new clients in the cutthroat internet streaming industry. 

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