Reflective Essay Nmc Code of Conduct in Law



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In the given reflective essay, I have analyzed my recent offence of 'Drink & Drive' with the provisions mentioned in the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Code of Conduct. It is crucial for every healthcare professional to uphold the highest value & standards and ensure that our actions are directly aligned with the provisions of the NMC Code. This reflective essay will address how my actions have validated the code, the potential impact of my actions on others, and my learning from this experience.

It is one of the fundamental principles of the code to maintain the highest professional value & standards (20.1 of the Code). I have violated the trust that was placed in me as a health care professional by indulging in a 'drinking & driving offence'. The key values expected from a nurse are integrity, judgment, & responsibility, and I have jeopardized them by being under the influence of alcohol. Most importantly, I have also placed the patent's safety & welfare at risk.

The NMC Code has given significant importance to the influence of one's behaviour on the other professionals (20.3 of the Code). Through my actions, I have failed to recognize its potential consequences on the well-being of others. Every healthcare professional should be aware that their actions have the potential to shape the behaviour & actions of their patients, colleagues, and their community at large. I have compromised with the trust that my patients, colleagues, and the community had placed in me.

The NMC Code has also emphasized how healthcare professionals act as role models for newly qualified nurses, and midwives (20.8 of the Code). And, for that one's behaviour should be always on point. My recent offence has compromised with such a crucial aspect of the code. I have inadvertently set a bad example for others to follow. It was my duty to demonstrate responsible behaviour and to be conscious of my choices. Most importantly, I should have adhered to the values and ethical standards of the code. 

As per provisions of the NMC code, every healthcare professional needs to maintain personal health, as it allows them to effectively full fill their duties (20.9 of the Code). My involvement with alcohol and driving has proven to be a huge failure in my well-being and my ability to provide my patients with safety and care. Through this, I have learned that our behaviour and actions have a direct impact on our professional practice.

After reflecting on this incident in accordance with the NMC Code of Conduct, I have recognized the implications of my actions on my profession. My actions have violated the code, compromised the safety of my patients, and also jeopardized the trust of my community. I've learned from this experience how important it is to maintain my integrity and to continually align my actions with the standards outlined in the NMC Code. Moving forward, I'm determined to learn from my error, make corrections as needed, and work to earn back the respect and trust of my patients, coworkers, and the larger community.