Research Infrastructure Capability Marketing and Management



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This project will result in the production of a brochure, website and/or videos describing the capabilities of various experimental facilities related to Life Sciences at UWA. This deliverable will be something that you can add to your portfolio as evidence of key skills and attributes when applying for a job. The student team will be assigned to one or more facilities, interact with stakeholders (technical staff, users, external customers etc), understand the techniques and instrumentation used, prepare capabilities statements, management information (standard operating procedures, maintenance schedules), and exciting science case studies. The specific facilities to be covered and the precise nature of the deliverables will be discussed at the first meeting, so that everyone gets to work to their strengths.

The plan should include this information (I signed for protein production) so the plan need included the divide members and responsibilities for members. Read above the summary project 

 We are nine members of the project. We were divided into three people each group .one of group for o protein products and other for Next generation sequences and other synthetic biology. I was selected from the protein production group. One member of my group is responsible for designs and another for database collect the data and I am responsible for Procedure like SOP capability of understanding facilities can say I am responsible for writing side what’s the story of facilities what machines after machines . 

In the plan need include what kind of data we need to collect as a group some example , I think need have a look at few different websites so that can see what sort of data collected for protein production.