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This project will result in the production of a brochure, website and/or videos describing the capabilities of various experimental facilities related to Life Sciences at UWA. This deliverable will be something that you can add to your portfolio as evidence of key skills and attributes when applying for a job. The student team will be assigned to one or more facilities, interact with stakeholders (technical staff, users, external customers etc), understand the techniques and instrumentation used, prepare capabilities statements, management information (standard operating procedures, maintenance schedules), and exciting science case studies. The specific facilities to be covered and the precise nature of the deliverables will be discussed at the first meeting, so that everyone gets to work to their strengths

Overview of the project plan

The present project proposal plan will cover the description of the project requirements such as the production of brochures, and websites describing various experimental designs for the life science-based situated at UWA. Further, the experimental requirements will be divided into information about different categories: protein products, next-generation sequencing, and synthetic biology will be collected from different websites, also from resources available online as well as offline. 

The first step to produce the brochure is the identification of the potential customer. In the present project, students are the potential customers. Information related to the design of experiments on protein products, next-generation sequencing, and synthetic biology from different sources will be collected and organized collectively. The related staff and stakeholders will be assigned for gathering and process the collected information. Further, the specific timeline of the project plan will be constructed for the execution of the project. The cost estimates of the project will also be calculated.  The data will be collected interviews or from different websites such as National Center for Biotechnology Information and Alternative Protein Company Database Moreover, literature-based data collection will be collected through the PubMed literature search database.

For the design of websites/videos for the project, team members who are experts in web designing and animations will be assigned the requirements of the project such as SOP (standard operating procedure) capacity for designing and understanding and small videos for an overview of the technique. The preparatory and procedural sections will be covered while designing the SOP of the website. For better outcomes, a website designing company can be consulted for the designing of the required websites. The quality control and assurance team having experts based on the requirements of the brochure and designing websites will be analysed and confirm the accuracy of the project plan.

After we worked out a plan to deliver the project, I researched the method of questions that we should ask the student docs to obtain sufficient information for the project. I organized an appointment with the students docs  and I was responsible for writing the procedure during  interviews and take some pictures of equipment facilities in Uwe . Gave ides of how deliverable project, what the main things need to be focus of protein production. I send to my group some reach paper to help understand our details in project. Please give your ides of how should collaborate and mange group dynamics.