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What forums did you use for communicating, how often did you communicate, what were key decisions in your Agreement related to communicating?Just state what happened, the ‘facts’.

I believe that effective communication is important for the success of the global team members. Effective communication channels have been used to ensure that team members work for common goals, expectations, and timelines. First, a communication plan has been set up that reflects the frequency, format, and methods among the team members. According to my opinion different communication tools have been used such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and collaborative platforms have been used to get connected with the team members (Kashyap, 2023).

Further, a positive work culture has been practiced to ensure that members feel comfortable sharing their opinions. I also believe that a culture of transparency has been practiced to get project updates and sharing of challenges. Different forums have been used in communicating including emails and project management tools. For instance, tool such as Whatsapp group chat has been used to allow team members to remain connected. I believe that the key argument while communicating was that everyone needs to be present during the meeting. Further, the argument was that the meeting should be respectful and focused on the topic.

What worked well with your team interaction, communication, and project work? Approx. 50 words

In my team, productive communications have been done and focused on the topic. There was open communication where every team member was given the chance to speak. This has helped in making better decisions in strategic planning (Hbr, 2021). Further, constructive feedback was provided while communication helped in resolving the issues quickly.

What did not work so well for your teaminteraction, communication, and project work?

I believe that One of the potential barriers in my team communication includes the absence of some members in the meeting. This has resulted in communication breakdown, misunderstanding, and delays (Skillsyouneed, 2023). It has caused some delays in the decision-making process. The other barriers include the difference in the opinion of the team member which causes conflicts.


how did you feel about your experience of this global team’s collaboration and communication?

Include feelings, observations and any questions that arise

How did you feel about your team’s approach and experiences? 

In my opinion I do feel the fact that it was a great experience where I worked with team members from different diverse backgrounds and all these employees have the exact motive to achieve the desired goal. The team highlighted the fact and the steps that will be taken firstly and then those steps are implemented by the team members in order to do the work. As most of the team members do know the fact that combined team work and collaboration will mainly work in fostering a positive culture in an organization. 

How do you feel about your own actions and behaviours? 

I feel really great I was able to help my team members in performing work with the team members I was able to encourage more collaboration with other team members. I also became more self-aware about the situation and learned how to collaborate and coordinate with other members.I was able to improve my actions and thus my behaviour changed a lot. I started to forgive those individuals who made mistakes. I started to communicate clearly with another person(Indeed, 2023). There were situations where I learnt how to address the exact problems and I tried to help employees who were facing problems.

Relating and reasoning

With regards to your comments in Section 1 – Reporting and Section 2 - Respondingrespond to WHY you feel these experiences happened?

In your response, consider

  • Your own past experiences, knowledge, and skills
  • Your learning in MSB537 – information and resources, activities, and class and teacher knowledge sharing
  • Your team’s meeting notes, team review notes, documents
  • Other sources – other texts, references, sources

You MUST acknowledge your sources, regardless of what the source is. Add to the reference list in this section. Use a consistent reference formatting style. 

With reference to what worked well with your team – WHY did it work well?

Our team consists of team members from each of the local regions of Perth, Singapore, and Dubai. This has allowed our team members to find the target market of each region effectively. For instance, demographic and psychographic identifications were done. Further, proper marketing research has been done on the specific region including the competition and recent market trends. I believe that it has helped us to identify the potential challenges and opportunities that could help in making effective marketing strategies. Further, based on the strength and challenges the team members were able to make effective strategies including the marketing channels and message.

Further, the team members were able to measure the KPIs that will help in gaining success in the global market (Hubstaff, 2023). For instance, website traffic and media engagement was measured effectively. Based on the marketing research and data budget was made that outlines the investment and the profit margin. Further, effective strategies have been made to implement the marketing plan in the market. According to my perspective different metrics have been used to identify the success of the marketing plan in the market of Perth, Dubai, and Singapore. Therefore, effective communication has been done among our team members that allow collaboration. Further, sharing opinions from every member helps in making better decisions.

With reference to what did not work so well with your team – WHY did it not work so well?

One of the potential barriers in our team includes the sudden absence of team members in the meeting. This has resulted in a delayed decision-making process and missing deadlines. This has caused some conflicts in the decision-making process. Further, as most of the team members were new they lack the practical knowledge in making marketing plans. The lack of practical knowledge of the team members has resulted in taking extra time for conducting the marketing research. Some of the marketing strategies were properly aligned with the target audience. I believed that it has resulted in the investment of extra time for making changes in making those strategies.

Further, insufficient resources have caused delays in conducting market research (Banobi & Jung, 2019). It has caused difficulty in addressing all the aspects while making the marketing strategy. There was a conflict in leadership decisions among the team members. This is because a lot of members of the team want to become the team leader. This has created some confusion in the team and delayed decision-making. Further, there were some conflicts with the difference in opinion among the team members. Therefore, I believe that it can be concluded that a lack of practical knowledge and insufficient resources were the key barriers in the team decision-making process.

What did you not do as a team that you realise now, on reflection; you should have done or could do in the future in a global team or network? Explain WHY. 

It was observed from the team meeting, that some of the members were absent in the meeting. This has affected the making of strategic marketing decisions. For instance, there was a delay in the decision-making process and missing project deadlines. Therefore, it is important to have guidelines for team members that everyone needs to be present in the meeting. So, according to my side of view the absence from the meeting can result in extrication from the team. The next barrier that was observed in the team decision-making process was the absence of team leaders which created chaos and confusion in the team (Newman et al., 2019). In the future, it is important to have a leader chosen before the team meeting.

Further, it was observed that the absence of sufficient resources has created challenges in marketing research. In the future, it is important to have sufficient resources for carrying out market research effectively. The other challenge that was faced while making the marketing decisions was the absence of experienced team members in the team. I believe that this has resulted in a delay in the decision-making process. It is therefore important to have experienced team members in the team as well. This will help the fast and effective development of marketing strategy.

Your reference list

Newman, S.A., Ford, R.C. and Marshall, G.W. (2019) “Virtual Team Leader Communication: Employee Perception and Organizational reality,” International Journal of Business Communication, 57(4), pp. 452–473. Available at: 


Arising on your commentsand reflections with reference to all sections above – Reporting, Responding, Relating & Reasoning – think about what you learned. 

Whatwould you keep doing, do differently,and not do in future experiences so that your global team is a success?

Effective communication is key to the success of the global team. I would continue to focus on effective communication so that meetings stick to the agenda of discussions. This will help me in avoiding misunderstandings in the meeting resulting in faster decision-making (Zhang et al., 2020). Further, the member of the team was from different regions it is important to consider the time zone.

This will provide flexibility to the team members and the absence of team members will be reduced. I will make sure that clear guidelines for the meeting are provided beforehand. This will help everyone to be prepared for the meeting with questions and solutions. Further, I will make clear that there should not be any chaos or conflict in the meeting.

What are your top 3 tips would you give future global project teams for working effectively? 

  1. I will suggest that clear goals, as well as responsibilities, are made before conducting the meeting. This will each member to be clear with their responsibilities which would increase productivity.
  2. I will suggest that effective communication is followed in the team meeting. This would help in avoiding conflict and confusion in the meeting. Further, it is important to respect the opinion of everyone.
  3. The other thing that I would suggest is to have trust and respect for the team members (Akhtar et al., 2019). It would help in understanding the cultural difference in the team. This would help in reducing the conflict among the team members.

What did you learn about yourself and your strengths and limitations in a global team project?

And therefore, what do you believe can bring to future global teams?How would you contribute differently to be a more effective team member.Information in the Task Pack for the team agreement areas might help.

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