The assessment station TPR, BP and Sat's neurological assessment



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Skill day

When I have started T.P.R procedure in front of my lecturer I felt very uncomfortable because I have done this procedures in Indian hospital it was my first time when I was going to do this procedure outside my country .I have explained the whole procedure and learnt many things from my mistakes because I have completed this procedure with mistakes which was no good experience for me but people can learn their mistakes so I will also remember 

Feedback from Lecturer

I done a little positive points which I done very well but it was my first time so she said that you have need to practice this skill again to reduce the chances of mistakes again which I have done during procedure. She appreciated where I am performing good and also motivated me and said that don’t feel nervous and try to explore your skills with full confident which was positive thing for me. In this day of skill I have not checked the identity , pulse not recorded because I was forget due to my nervousness but other steps I have explained very well.

As I earlier mentioned I felt very uncomfortable due to new practice area and during this procedure I was trying all steps even I have explained and forget many important points which felt me lowbutthebehaviourof my professor was very polite with me she encouraged me to review this skill again and try to reduce the level of nervousness which was very helpful for me on that day.


Assessed the safety and maintained the privacy ofpersonand during the blood pressure I have used pillow to provide support to the arm of the person to promote comfort and applied bp cuff correctly which are positive feedback and my professor appreciated me for this skills . I have also checked the respiratory rate , oxygen sats and levels of consciousness very well but I was forget to record on NEWS2 chart his pulse rate and sign on documents which was my negative points in this procedure. I will never repeat thisinfurther procedures.

Part 2- skill day

Feedback from lecturer

I got positive feedback from my lecture before performing I was very nervous about the procedure because it was very new experience for me to explore my skills in front of my lecturer. When I have startedshe was very co-operated with me she was giving a smile which create a positive feeling then I have explained whole experience according to the guideline of WHO but I forgot to explain verbalizes the result and not listen properly that she earlier told me about the blood glucose level which was 7.8mmol. she also very impressed by my good technique of putting on apron and good preparation of opening gauze . which was very helpful for to build up my confidencelevel.

Part 3 – Post skill


I felt very nervous as I earlier mentioned but after getting feedback I felt very relaxed because I have done whole procedure step by step because I am following every single step in my mind and my lecturer explained my two mistake to me and I will never repeat that mistakes in future because I remember that two mistakes which I can’t forget .


In this skill I got positive feedback which inspiring me to do more well because I have done procedure correctly but two things I forgot to explain result verbalizes and result values which told by my lecturer I could not listen that time 


After procedure I got marketing criteria from my lecturer with feedbackI have read whole procedure again and again and also again read on google scholar about this procedure because I do not want to repeat my mistakes which I done during procedure.

Action plan and conclusion

I will definitely explain the result verbally to the person during next time of monitoring blood glucose because this is important step of this skill otherwise overall procedure was good.

Skill undertaken

In the starting I have described whole steps such as personal safety ensured ,the response level of person is checked I have shakedhis shoulder and ask are you alright? Then shouted for help and turn the person onto their back .

This is very new experience for me because I have never do this procedure in my training and work time .

I have provided 30 compressed and gave 2 ventilation am trying to remember all steps in my mind because I don’t want to do any mistake in this procedure .

I have repeated chest compression again and acted professionally accordance the WHO guidelines.

Feedback from lecturer 

I get positive response from my professor because I have improve my skills in this procedure as compared to previous skills which motivate me and she also encouraged me and said that you do very well but that time I was forget to remove my jewellry on that time so I felt discomfortable during chest compression step and she suggested me to remove your belongings next time. I have completed this skill with full of confidence and got positive feedback from my lecturer even there is my few mistakes .


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